Sky TV Installation Brighton

Has your Sky stopped working and you are outside of your warrantee for your equipment? Our engineers can replace Sky dishes, faulty cabling and faulty Sky boxes if necessary.

Have you been refused Sky due to health and safety concerns when installing a Sky Dish.

We work outside the health and Safety laws that Sky abide by and can offer free consultaion as to alternative methods of installing a Sky dish on your property.

Sky TV Installation Brighton

Sky Customers

Already a Sky Customer? We can offer a range of services that can maximize your subscription package and save money on multiroom.

If you would like to watch the same Sky channel in different rooms there is a way of using clever cabling to do this. This is commonly what they use in pubs or restaurants allowing the viewing of the same channel on multiple screens throughout a building.

Sky Magic Eye

Sky Magic Eye

By using a Sky Magic eye you can have a remote in each room and change channel without paying extra each month on your subscription. This is not to be confused with Sky Multiroom which does require a subscription and enables you to watch different channels in each room.

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