The ultimate outdoor TV experience (part) 1

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Since the dawn of the digital age, the outdoor TV as become the ultimate crowd pleaser, making it a must have for everybody from restaurants and businesses to theme parks and ultimately, the DIY enthusiast. And before you ask, yes, specialist outdoor televisions exist! Naturally, they are a superior breed compared to their indoor friends when it comes to safety and viewing experience. A Clearer Picture has comprised this handy guide of tips and pointers for outdoor display installation so whether you’re installing an outdoor TV for the first time, or are well acquainted with outdoor electronics, you can make sure you’re not missing a beat.

 An outdoor TV is different to an indoor TV.

It may seem like quite a simple observation but it’s the biggest mistake made by those trying to install a television outdoors. Indoor television sets can’t deal with the weather conditions, temperatures, glare or long periods of use outdoor TVs are designed to handle. So whilst wheeling your Living Room set out onto the back lawn to watch the game on a sunny afternoon, this is no long-term solution; a standard TV is no match for water, humidity and bugs!

Be aware of your warranty.

If you’re planning on wheeling your indoor TV into the garden for a solo barbeque event, it’s always best to check the manual fine print. Not only do they advise against it, lots of manufacturers will actually void the warranty on your box if it’s been outside.

 Invest in a weatherproof mount.

Just as standard televisions come in superior, outside models, the same is true for the mount! Regular television mounts can deteriorate with the mildest of weather conditions and start to rust easily. What’s more, outdoor TVs are heavier than the average box meaning your chosen mount will have to be sturdier enough to cope with the extra weight.

 And the cables.

You’re getting the gist of where we’re going with this. All equipment that is designed to live outside has to be rated for outside use and complete with UV protection by the manufacturer. Cables can crack under harsh weather conditions, quickly making them unsafe.

 Drip Loops are your friend

Whilst we’re on the topic of cables, here at A Clearer Picture, we highly recommend a drip loop for outdoor TV installation. Essentially the same as a TV cable, a drip loop forms a 180-degree loop and lives at the point where the cable enters the display of your outdoor device. This loop is a nifty design that prevents water from entering your device and can save you from repair costs due to water intrusion.

 Opt for size

If you’re looking to wow large crowds with your impressive, out-door entertainment centre then we can only suggest the bigger the better. Think of your audience; quite often if viewers are sat outside they’re going to be further away from the screen than they would be in the comfort of your living room. Allow for some easy access maintenance room but apart from that, we would recommend going big!

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