Improve Your Wi-FI Signal

Improve Wi-Fi Signal In Your Home Or Office With A Clearer Picture

If you are struggling to get sufficient wifi in certain areas of your home or business we can offer solutions to rectify this. By running network cabling from your router to the desired location, we can then install an access point which provides roughly 90% of the speed your router can achieve. We can also go a step further than this by using Network or data switches to hardwire devices such as computers or smart TVs to ensure maximum broadband speed.

These access points can be used in a mesh system, whereby several can be used throughout a property eg ground floor, first floor, second floor, garden room and other rooms to ensure maximum wifi speed throughout your home or business.

The access points we use, are programmed with the same SSID and password so you don’t have to switch zones as you move around your property. Your smart device should pick up the fastest available access point and automatically join it without you having to do anything.

We mainly use Ubiquiti products, The AC Lite The AC Pro or the AC M.

The AC Lite is great in most indoor scenarios it offers 90-95% router speed and will work in most settings

The AC Pro is for larger areas covering a greater distance and is perhaps a better option in thick walled houses. (Thick masonry walls often hinder wifi signal travelling through it.

The AC M can be mounted externally and can cover up to 500m therefore if you would like external wifi availability this is a good option or perhaps you have an outbuilding which is a little tricky to hardwire, this can be the better solution.

If you would like one of our engineers to carry out a free consultation to find the best solution to your wifi issues please get in touch.

Unifi Data sheet

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