Home Security Installation Brighton

CCTV Installation

The importance of CCTV goes beyond preventing crime; it is vital when looking to prosecute offenders and stopping repeat offences. Our CCTV systems use the latest, state of the art technology.

With high quality images, remote accessibility, and Internet protocol camera monitoring, we’re confident we’ll be able to install the perfect camera security for your building.

CCTV Installation

Door Entry System Installation

Not only is it important that you manage who goes in and out of your building, but also that you can oversee that your guests are always safe.

Our door entry systems range from the basic speech/button access controls to the higher models such as Telephone Entry or PC based Access Control Systems.

Don’t worry if you’re spoilt for choice though, here at A Clearer Picture, we survey your home or office ourselves, allowing us to recommend the perfect door entry system for you.

Door Entry System Installation

Alarm Entry System Installation

We understand that alarm systems aren’t always the simplest of processes and that’s why we’re fully equipped with a large range of options to suit all that you require. Don’t want the hassle of installing wires throughout your home?

Our wireless system eliminates those problems and is just as effective as our standard model.

Worried about pets?
Our pet friendly alarm systems will allow cats, dogs and more to roam free without activating your alarm.

All our systems are thoroughly tested to avoid false activations.

Standalone Access Control Systems


Like with all of our installation systems, we are expert faultfinders. If you’re having issues with your current CCTV, door, alarm entry systems or any home security model, we offer a quick and efficient service to minimize the time you spend with a faulty system and to get you back up and running as soon as possible – even if this means loaning you equipment! Not to mention, being Brighton based means we will always be local to you.

So, whatever your emergency, our rapid response time provides you with an ever-speedy service!

Here at A Clearer Picture, we are happy to discuss any of our home security systems with our clients in order to meet their bespoke requirements. All of our products are available to both domestic and commercial customers.

Call for a quote today, or to take advantage of our free consultations and we’ll get started on protecting your home.

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