Sky Glass TV Installation

sky glass tv installation

Sky Glass is the new service from Sky, heralded as the ultimate Sky experience. The Independent have even called it ‘the purest, most seamless version of watching Sky TV that there has ever been’ [source]. Let’s take a closer look at what Sky Glass is and the benefits of having the Sky Glass TV installation handled by our team.

Sky Glass is a new Sky TV platform where everything is delivered via the internet, requiring no satellite dish. This is ideal for those who live or work in areas with poor satellite signals and struggle to get all the channels they want.

Sky Glass is delivered via a TV, and the only way to currently get the service is by purchasing a Sky Glass TV that has the service built-in. There are no external boxes or extra remote controls. Everything is controlled using one remote control and via one television, a great solution for small spaces.

The other good news is that most television users won’t feel the need to have a separate soundbar either, as the integrated Dolby Atmos speaker system is built into the television, providing an immersive sound experience for the user.

If you’re sold on the new Sky Glass TV, having it mounted on your wall is the right choice for a seamless look that hides any ugly cables and keeps the streamlined look of your home. Our team has years of experience mounting televisions onto masonry and plasterboard walls. The Sky Glass TV comes with a mount that means it will be flush to the wall with minimal gap and will look impressive hanging on the wall. Our team can also hide all unsightly cables by using trunking or chasing cabling into your walls so there’s no cable clutter and you can concentrate on enjoying your new Sky TV experience.

Wall mounting a TV has many benefits, including saving valuable floor space by removing the need for a TV cabinet, and it is safer when you have children and pets running around. A TV could be knocked off a stand or TV unit and fall onto someone or something and cause damage or injury.

At A Clearer Picture, our team are professionals at wall mounting flat-screen TVs and new Sky Glass TVs in the homes and businesses of our customers across Brighton and East Sussex. As well as wall mounting televisions, our expert engineers can carry out aerial installations, satellite installations, CCTV installations, and carry out repairs and replacements.

To find out more about any of our services, or to book our team for your new Sky Glass TV installation, get in touch with us today. Call us now on 07881 029 589 or email tom@aclearerpicture.co.uk, and one of our team will be in touch as soon as we can.

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