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What is a home theatre?

Home theatre is an entertainment system composed of audio and visual devices designed to create a cinematic experience. It allows you to experience media in the best quality from the comfort of your home! Imagine sitting comfortably on your sofa, watching your favourite movie as it comes to life around you: the rustling of leaves in your ears, the vibrations of an earthquake shaking you to the core, the screams of bullets flying over your head. Home theatre opens the doorway into this fantasy by fully immersing you in sound. Furthermore, products ranging from budget to state of the art make home theatre accessible to all!

What to consider when creating your home theatre?

  1. Design

When envisioning your home theatre, you should start by considering the room you want to put it in. If space is limited, then numerous speakers and a massive display may not be practical. Instead, you could consider a soundbar and a hide-away projector screen. If you rent your property and cannot mount devices or hide cables in the walls, you could consider a wireless system. By thinking about your home theatre from a décor perspective, you can ensure it is organised, functional and visually pleasing. 

  1. Display

Ask yourself how you want to view your entertainment. If you are looking for an authentic cinema experience, consider a projector system. Projectors generate the largest possible image size without a loss in quality. They also give you the freedom to choose the size of your display and are generally cheaper than TVs. However, if you cannot control the lighting in the room, you will need a high-brightness projector and ambient-light-rejecting screen, which will drive up the cost significantly. Or you can opt for a TV instead. TVs battle with ambient light and heighten perceived contrast better than projectors, so they are the practical choice for bright rooms. TVs also perform well in dark cinematic environments, especially those with OLED technology because it offers deep black levels and a high contrast ratio.

  1. Audio

A basic 3.0 home theatre system has three speakers: one on either side of the display screen and one in the centre. A 3.0 system will produce a good quality audio experience, but more is always better when it comes to sound! That is why we recommend a 5.1 speaker system (five speakers and one subwoofer) for a standard size living room.


Types of speakers?

  • Front

The left and right speakers improve the quality and definition of sound.

  • Central

A central speaker makes it easier to hear and understand the dialogue. Placing it in the centre gives the effect of sound coming from the screen (i.e., the actors are speaking from their mouths).

  • Subwoofer

Audio entertainment, both movies and music, uses low frequencies to create three-dimensional sound. Some of the frequencies are too low to hear, but we can still feel them through vibrations! Most speakers cannot reproduce the low frequencies that an audio source sends them, so a subwoofer is an essential component of a home theatre system. Subwoofers clarify, amplify and project low frequencies, giving you the goosebump feeling you get at the cinema!

  • Surround

Surround speakers are responsible for sound effects and some background music. Whilst they aren’t as important as the front and centre speakers, they play a vital role in sound immersion. By placing surround speakers on your rear left and right, you will pick up sounds that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Overhead

Sound can reach new dimensions when you add overhead speakers to a home theatre system. The audio will come from above, helping to balance sound across the room.


Purchase options?

  • Soundbar

Soundbars are an excellent alternative to home theatre systems when you have limited space or budget. Soundbars have left, right and central speakers built into one device, so you hear the benefits of a 3.0 system without the bulk of three speakers.

  • Home theatre in a box (HTiB)

Pre-packaged home theatres are the easiest and cheapest option. Everything you need will come in one box; you just need to add a display screen. The disadvantage of HTiB is that the audio quality is not always the best.

  • Separate

You can purchase the components separately and connect them to the same receiver to create a unique home theatre. This is the best option because it is personal, and you can use components you may already have.

  • Wireless

Wireless components are portable, require no installation, can be easily controlled on a smartphone app and are versatile: they can also be used in multiple rooms to listen to different content. Wireless systems are generally more expensive than wired systems.


No matter your room size or budget, there is a home theatre solution for you! The professionals at A Clearer Picture know everything about home theatres and can provide recommendations or further information about home theatre products. Most important, we offer installation services for your home theatre. Professional installation is essential when creating your home theatre experience because the components must be fitted at an exact angle in a precise location to achieve optimum sound quality. Give us a ring today and get your new home theatre ready for summer!

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