Home Entertainment System

Elevate your experience of watching television and films at home with a home entertainment system. A good home entertainment system will provide crystal clear pictures and high-quality, room-filling sound that will make you feel as though you’re at the heart of the action. A Clearer Picture are experts in home entertainment systems and can advise clients on what would work best for them in their home.


Sound Systems

Almost everyone has a flatscreen television in their home; however, flatscreen TVs are notoriously bad for sound quality. A Clearer Picture can help you overcome this with the installation of a high-quality surround sound 5.1 system. A 5.1 surround sound system will help maximise your listening experience when listening to music and watching films, television, or live sport.

The 5.1 surround sound system is a great way to improve sound quality in your home and is also easy to install and use. There are various types of surround sound systems to choose from, from budget-friendly models to state of the art room-filling sound systems. The team at A Clearer Picture has the knowledge and experience to recommend the best system for your home to suit your needs and budget.


Projector Screens and Projectors

Projectors are becoming increasingly popular for bringing that cinema feel to the home. You should have an expert look at your room and advise the best projector and projector screen for your needs.  A Clearer Picture is fully qualified to provide this advice and can also carry out the installation, including mounting your projector (usually to the ceiling) and hiding all the cabling, so you aren’t left with any unsightly wires showing.


Sonos Sound Systems

Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components that sync to allow you to play your digital music collection all over the home from any device. It’s the best wireless system on the market right offering high-quality sound without the need for wires ruining your décor.

The A Clearer Picture team can advise on what components to put together to create the right system for your needs and home and can install and set up the system with minimal fuss so you can get listening to your favourite music from the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even the bathroom!


Choice of AV Receivers

AV receivers amplify sound to be fed to speakers and allow users to select the audio and video they wish to listen to or watch. A system like this enables users to switch from watching a DVD to watching television with just the touch of a button, removing the need for several different remote controls and remembering what each of them does!


If you’d like more information on any of the above elements of a home entertainment system, contact the team at A Clearer Picture today. With years of experience, they are available to advise, install and maintain home entertainment systems for clients across Brighton and East Sussex.

Get in touch today by emailing tom@aclearerpicture.co.uk or by calling 07881 029 589.

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