Case study. Mr Adam Scott Lower Station Rd Nr Lewes

case study 1

Main project points.

High Gain aerial mounted on Chimney.

Masthead Amplifier and 12 V Power Supply installed

New Satellite Dish with quad LNB

Install 12 way delta switch to combine Aerial and satellite signal in all 5 rooms of the house.

Install FM DAB combi aerial to provide Aerial for Master Amp in Lounge

Install IO link in lounge to enable the sky box to be hidden in a cupboard

Wire up music system for the entire house. 5 way speaker selector switch installed

case study 2

This photo shows Mr Scott 4K TV hung on an adjustable bracket. The TV is wired into a surround sound system powered by a master amp hidden in the cupboards below. To the top right and left of the TV you can see the Cambridge audio tweeters providing high quality sound from the front of the room.

The TV is wired up to a Sky service, all the wiring was put internally allowing for no wires to be shown. We used an IO link system that enables the sky box to be hidden and still be able to change channels on the remote.

case study 3

This is the view of the Sky box, Master Amp, Speaker Selector switch and Sub Woofer. all functional and all very neatly hidden in the cupboard.

The Speaker Selector switch allowed Adam to put whatever music he would like in any room of his house at the flick of a switch,. Each room has speakers in the ceiling allowing for this

The house has five main rooms:

The Lounge

case study 4

Mainly for watching TV and listening to music. We connected the front tweeters(, and rear speakers –Cambridge Audio(shown in photos above) and Sub  woofer to provide 5.1 Dolby surround sound. This enabled a rich, full sound to any music and an intense viewing experience whilst watching movies.

The Kitchen

case study 5

Here you can see the TV on the left which has both Sky and Freeview connectivity. There are also speakers in the ceiling that are connected to the master amp in the lounge allowing you to play music whilst you are cooking or entertaining.

In the centre of the kitchen a pop up column can be pressed to extend which provides an electrical power point aswell as an Ethernet port to allow you to plug into the internet router.

The Office

case study 6

The office also had speakers in the ceiling connected to the Master Amp in the lounge.

Shown here is the 12 way Delta switch hidden in a cupboard in the office which combines both the Aerial and Satellite signal and distributes it throughout the house into each room.

The blue box on the right is the network switch. This connects to Ethernet points in each room allowing you to hardwire into the router wherever you are in the house

Master Bedroom

case study 7

The Ensuite also has a speaker connected to the master amp allowing you to listen to music /radio in the bath or shower

case study 8

Spare bedroom

case study 9

Speakers in ceiling connected to master amp in lounge

case study 10

And finally our happy customer Mr Adam Scott who im sure is enjoying the top quality installation we provided for his TV and Audio System throughout his house.

Many Thanks to Mr Scott who was kind enough to let us take pictures of his lovely house. We take a lot of pride in our work and we were extremely happy with the installation overall.

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