Aerial Installation and Repair

If you’re searching for a reputable, trustworthy company to install a new television aerial or repair an existing one in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas, A Clearer Picture is here to help.

All of our television aerial installers are highly qualified and have experience working with HD services, Freeview aerials, BT aerials and much more. All work we undertake, and any installations we carry out, are covered by a one year guarantee for your peace of mind. We install and repair hundreds of aerials across Brighton and Hove every single week so you can have confidence that we have the experience to do the job right.

Aerial Installation

There are many benefits to installing an aerial. Aerials allow users to receive Digital Freeview Television with a range of exciting television channels. A minimum of 60 channels and more than 25 radio stations are available without a subscription through an aerial.

The installation of an aerial also allows for HD viewing if you have a Smart TV or HD set-top box that allows for this. There are up to 12 HD channels available to pick up through an aerial without a subscription.

Even if you live in a poor reception area, we can still ensure you receive high-quality television. We have a range of aerials that offer superior reception, and we can install additional boosters to ensure you always receive a great picture. Our professional team will advise on the best aerial for your needs and answer any questions you may have before you commit to anything.

If you’re thinking of subscribing to BT Vision, EE TV or YouView, you require a fully functional aerial to make the most of their subscription packages. BT and EE don’t currently offer aerial installation in Brighton as part of their service, so we can carry out the installation to ensure you can take advantage of these services.

Aerial Repair

If you have issues with not receiving all the channels you usually do or have problems with poor picture quality, the cause may be your television aerial. If it has been damaged or has rusted, it may no longer be receiving the signal properly, which could cause your television reception problems.

Our reliable team are available seven days a week and can come out to your home for same-day emergency repairs if required. Our engineers have more than 25 years of experience and can investigate and repair aerial faults quickly to allow you to get back to watching television as soon as possible.

If you’d like to arrange a television aerial installation, require an aerial repair, or simply have any further questions about the range of services we offer, we’d be delighted to assist you. We’ll discuss your needs and requirements and help you choose the products and services you need if you’re looking for a new aerial installation. Give us a call today on 07881 029 589.

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