5 Steps To The Best Home Entertainment System

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Unless you can feel the rumble of a giant explosion vibrate through your couch, the sound of bullets flying past your head, or the heavy cheer of a football crowd as if you’re in the stadium yourself, you don’t have the perfect Home Entertainment System! In this decade there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from having that cinema experience in your own Living Room and here at A Clearer Picture, we’re going to help you get there in 5 easy steps.


Recording Quality

We are well past the dawn of an age where it’s easier to download you favourite classic than it is to run to the local store and pick up a hard copy. However, the danger with downloads is even with the best sound system available, if you’ve downloaded a poor quality file, it’s going to affect the overall experience! So be smart and go for where you know the quality lies.

Don’t compress your audio!

Audio files come complete with different levels of compression. The bigger the better is the rule here, as the large the file you have to download is, the better the sound quality will be. Try and find the option to purchase your movie with a higher quality audio than the standard mp3. Without compression on the audio, you’ll find your listening experience is crystal clear!

Speaker placement is key

With a standard 5.1 stereo system, you’ll find yourself with 5 speakers and a subwoofer to boost your bass. The placement of these is critical when getting the best audio experience. We would recommend having two speakers either side of the TV and another two beside or slightly back from the seating area. The subwoofer should go in the centre below the TV. However, you’ll find that most films are now released in Blu-Ray 7.1 sound capability format, which would require another two, rear mounted speakers.

Find the optimum Subwoofer Settings

The subwoofer is always overlooked in the audio set-up process but this is the most critical, experience-transforming piece of equipment you can have in your living room. You don’t want the bass to overpower the other speakers. Check your settings and work out which frequencies are going where. Smaller speakers will often not be able to project any lower than 120Hz; you want to keep the lower frequencies going through the subwoofer and away from these smaller models.

Good Wires!

If you don’t invest in good quality wires, there’s no point in having good quality sound equipment! Bad wires, faulty wires, poor connectors and even wires that are made to stretch too far can all distort the sound and interrupt your cinema experience!

So there are the five steps helping you create the perfect Home Entertainment System. A Clearer Picture is always on hand to help with any installation and set-up issues you may encounter. Don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will give you all the advice you’ll need.

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