CCTV Supply, Installation and Repair


CCTV provides an additional level of safety and security for homeowners and building owners. Our team of highly experienced technicians can supply, install, and repair state-of-the-art commercial systems and domestic systems in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding areas. CCTV provides a powerful deterrent against potential burglary and crime and gives peace of mind to owners.


Domestic CCTV Installation and Repair

We specialise in creating bespoke packages to suit your home. Whether you need a single camera or multiple cameras with fibre optic and microwave transmission, our team can supply and install the right system for you using equipment from the top suppliers in the country.

We can install HD or IP cameras that record in high definition, producing images of high enough quality that they can be used as evidence in court in the event of a burglary or crime. If you’re not concerned with the image quality on your system, SD cameras offer a cheaper alternative to HD and IP cameras and are great if you’re on a budget. It’s important to remember that the presence of a camera will act as a deterrent whether it’s recording in HD or not.


Commercial CCTV Installation and Repair

We know that commercial CCTV systems aren’t always straightforward, so we’ll work closely with you to design and install the best system for your business to ensure all your needs are covered. We’ll meet with you at a time that fits in with your schedule, and once we’ve designed, supplied, and installed the perfect system for you, we’ll be on hand to provide all the advice, guidance, and support that you’ll need.

With CCTV systems, you can view the images locally or have them transmitted to other sites for remote viewing from anywhere. In this case, the hardware is linked to high-resolution digital recorders for exceptional image quality. You can access these images from anywhere and at any time using the internet, via a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This unlimited remote access gives maximum peace of mind when you’re away from home or your workplace. From the top of the range 16-megapixel IP cameras to mainstream CCTV systems, there are hundreds of variants to meet everyone’s requirements.


CCTV System Repairs

We also repair domestic and commercial CCTV systems, and our team are available seven days a week. We can make same-day appointments in case of an emergency to ensure your system is back up and running as quickly as possible. We can carry out fault finding, and fix many types of CCTV systems, cameras and hardware, and provide parts or replacements if necessary. We also carry out maintenance to prolong the life of your equipment and system.


If you would like to increase security at your home or business with a new CCTV system possible, contact us today at A Clearer Picture. As Brighton and Hove’s premier CCTV installation and CCTV repair experts, we’re ready to help you. Call now on 07881 029 589.

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