Security cameras for business: A look at the best options available today


Security cameras have quickly become a normal fixture in terms of business safety, and are widely regarded as the most efficient manner of protecting your premises, but choosing which camera is best for you can become a serious headache.

The best option for many businesses is to consult with a security camera expert, and have them take a look at your location. However, before letting an expert run you through a confusing catalogue of equipment, you might want to first read this list of some of the best cameras available on the market today.

PTZ Cameras

Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras are usually the best choice for spaces such as parking lots, retail business premises, educational environments, airports, casinos etc. Modern PTZ cameras feature powerful motorized zoom lenses, high resolution video capture and high speed motors that make it possible for the camera to be repositioned 360° in just a few seconds.

This flexibility makes PTZ cameras ideal for cramped spaces, whilst also saving money on having to install multiple stationary cameras to capture different angles.

Varifocal security cameras

Varifocal security cameras are popular with business owners due to the ease of installation and the improved flexibility in comparison to fixed lens cameras. These cameras feature built-in diverse focal lengths that are flexible enough to alter the camera’s field of view with zero fuss.

Changing the field of view on a fixed lens camera usually means un-installing the camera and re-installing it to achieve the desired focal length – which is not only a huge, impractical hassle, but can damage the equipment when repeated over time.

Hidden cameras

We all behave differently when we know we’re being filmed; in fact, there is ample evidence to show that criminals are often deterred by simply seeing a camera, regardless of whether it has seen them.  A hidden camera provides business owners with a layer of security that means they’ll always see the true nature of those approaching their premises.

Hidden cameras are generally disguised as or found in everyday objects such as smoke detectors, flood lights or thermostats, rendering them completely undetectable.

Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras offer a great deal of flexibility, round the clock, owing to the fact that they capture video in low light and at night. They are available in a wide range of different models, meaning you can really specify and narrow down the one that’s right for your premises.  More advanced cameras come with newer technology like Smart IR and Full Frame Illumination which are vital for very low light capture.

Bullet Cameras

Similar in principle to hidden cameras, these are used in situations where disguise is desired, such as financial institutions. Bullet cameras are sometimes known colloquially as lipstick cameras in some quarters due to their slim and tubular form factor.

A decent bullet camera is much less conspicuous than standard box cameras and, usually, more affordable than hidden cameras.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are best for monitoring lobbies and reception areas like hallways, open office spaces, warehouses and driveways and can be wall or ceiling mounted, depending on your requirements. The design factor for these cameras is unobtrusive.

The true beauty of these machines is that it’s difficult to know which direction the actual lens is facing, making it difficult for a savvy criminal to work around it.  Most dome cameras are also adequately fortified against vandalism and physical impact.

CCTV is a vital security measure for those serious about protecting their business, customers, staff and wares; now all you have to do is choose the right one!

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