Cold Weather Maintenance Tips for Your Video Security System

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Installing a video security system is the most efficient way of ensuring safety for your home or business; in our technology enlightened age, it has essentially become the go-to security measure – and for good reason. However, many people don’t realise that these systems require regular maintenance in order to keep them running throughout the year, especially in the colder winter months.

With that in mind, we’re going to highlight some of the best cold weather maintenance tips, as highlighted by security experts.

Ensure zero obstructions

It’s the simplest, most obvious issue, and yet we often overlook it.

Physical obstructions will render even the most advanced video security system completely useless. The biggest culprit is the natural landscape around the cameras: trees, shrubs and general detritus from bad weather conditions (think branches blowing off of trees). Seeing as we’re focusing on the winter months, however, it’s also worth thinking twice about where you hang holiday decorations and always make sure that winter weather, such as snow or ice, won’t impede the security camera’s line of sight.

Keep an eye on power supplies

As we’ve already highlighted, winter means bad weather: snow storms, ice, gale-force winds. These issues often result in power outages which could easily cut the feed from video security systems (and may even go unnoticed for a time).

Keeping a constant eye on power levels will ensure that you get the most from your system. Video security system experts add that you should use a voltmeter to ensure that your systems aren’t getting too much power or too little power. Excessive or inadequate power means your system will not be able to capture videos in the first place, and could even damage your equipment!

Ensure the video recorder is dust free

If your video recorder has accumulated dust, wipe it with a clean microfiber cloth. Alternatively, get a can of compressed air and blow air into the recorder’s enclosure. Dust is not only a visual issue, but it can damage the inner workings of your video system.

Ensure damage free connectors

Signs of damage or corrosion are evidence that your camera connectors are not in great shape. To get the most efficiency from your system, you need to be regularly checking the condition of connectors, wires and exposed inner workings.

Check for frayed cables

Cable fraying is very common wear and tear for video systems and the winter period is a time when moisture can easily seep through the wires and damage the entire setup. Experts suggest that you create a U-shape with your cables, to ensure no water or melting snow can collect inside the camera itself. Additionally, any exposed wires need to be replaced as soon as possible!

Make use of camera enclosures

A camera enclosure offers a first layer of protection for your security cameras. A good enclosure will provide a water tight shield from the elements – especially useful during the harsh winter weather – and will give you less maintenance to worry about in the long run.

Opt for extreme weather cameras

If you have security cameras that often fail in the face of cold temperatures, it may be time to install cameras built to handle the harsh weather conditions. Most of these types of cameras feature built-in heater and temperature regulation mechanisms that allow them to work efficiently in even the harshest conditions.

Much like camera enclosures; this is really a case of having the right equipment for the right job.

A serious video security system requires a serious attitude towards maintenance and repair – with the right tips, equipment and know-how you’ll be able to carry on through cold or dismal weather without any hiccups in your cameras’ efficiency.

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