Commercial Security: 3 Reasons why it is a Must for Your Business


Caught up in the excitement, stress and rapidity of starting up a new business, the focus can often fall on the larger issues at hand: location, local customer awareness, a good network of suppliers. Yet, arguably one of the most important factors isn’t considered until the last minute… security.

A hurried, slap-dash attitude toward your business’ security isn’t going to deter a determined criminal, nor offer you any substantial security or peace of mind in the event of a break-in. It’s all a matter of adequate planning and research well in advance.

Often, the best course of action is opt for commercial security (CCTV, high-tech alarm systems etc.), and here are our top three reasons why that’s the case.

It can stop the crime from ever happening

Commercial security systems are usually thought of as a means to catch someone who has already wronged us, for identifying criminals and supplying evidence to the police. Absolutely, this is a huge part of their protective powers, but often we overlook the fact that serious looking security systems can actually scare off anyone thinking of intruding or robbing your premises.

There have been many cases of CCTV cameras and daunting alarms systems chasing off a would-be criminal on sight. Indeed, many businesses install decoy or dummy cameras for this very effect (although, we would not recommend this tactic, as it gambles with your business’ safety).

It can speed up justice being served

That said, of course in the event of a crime taking place it is vital that your business has the capability to identify the criminal(s).  Since most crimes happen outside of working hours, it is near impossible to identify or catch a crime-in-action if you do not have high definition CCTV cameras tailored specifically for your premises.

Criminal court cases require conclusive evidence, usually in the form of video that can clearly identify the accused culprits. This means that not only will you need some form of CCTV, but that you’ll need the correct form of CCTV, with the best quality of footage in order adequately identify suspects.

It gives customers confidence in your business

Your customers and staff will feel a lot more at ease when they see the visible efforts you have made to ensure their safety. CCTV cameras and alarms will not only make them feel safe but it will also reduce the chances of criminals trying anything with your staff or customers, during working hours. This added layer of confidence will promote good business relationships with your customers, and help to ensure return business.

It’s vital for a successful business to guarantee customer and staff safety, as well as security of the premises itself; don’t leave this hugely important aspect until it’s too late – consider your commercial security options early on, and you’ll set a strong foundation for the future of your company.

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