Choosing The Ultimate CCTV Setup For Your Home Or Business

cctv installation

For those wanting to benefit from an extra layer of business and/or home security, the best system to invest in is a CCTV installation. CCTV is a system of cameras that oversee, monitor and record different areas of your home and/or business premises so that you can always monitor what’s going on even if you’re not directly present at the building. Much advancement have been made in the field of CCTV technologies making them a lot more affordable and easy to install than they were just a few years ago.

Our team at A Clearer Picture have comprised a list of the top things you need to be thinking about when installing a CCTV system.

Wired or Wireless CCTV?

Whether or not you’d want to opt for a wired or wireless system very much depends on the layout of your home/business. Wireless systems tend to be a lot more popular these days as the technology involved is a lot more reliable than it has been in the past. It also gives you free reign to place and move cameras and monitors to your preferences. Plus, with no cables to worry about either, wireless CCTV is simple to install and with A Clearer Picture close at hand, you can’t go wrong!

Internet Access

What’s more, with the help of A Clearer Picture, a simple Internet access would allow you to view and monitor your property remotely via an IP address connection. These can be accessed via a PC or even a smart phone.


Alternatively, or additionally, you may want to set-up a monitoring base from which your CCTV system is monitored within a centralised viewing station. These are idea if you’re looking to have security members in charge of your premises that can react accordingly if something unusual is seen on your system.

Different Cameras?

When looking to invest in a CCTV system in your home and business, it’s always good to ask yourself whether you’d benefit from several different cameras.

We recommend using a system where multiple cameras are broadcasted on a different wavelength. That way, you can flick through each camera as you would a TV channel in order to monitor the premises at hand from a single location. Good places to set up cameras include entrances, meeting points or large structures (eg. Garden shed). A typical CCTV system can normally accommodate a number of cameras in multiples of four (eg. 8 or 12); A Clearer Picture can assess the size of your house and help you choose accordingly.

Other miscellaneous features

– Other features you may want to consider include motion sensors. These are idea if your home or office experiences long periods of inactivity.

– Smaller cameras are ideal for monitoring areas inconspicuously. These prove popular among parents/ those wishing to oversee childcare activities within their own home.

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