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Case study. Mr Adam Scott Lower Station Rd Nr Lewes

Main project points.

High Gain aerial mounted on Chimney.

Masthead Amplifier and 12 V Power Supply installed

New Satellite Dish with quad LNB

Install 12 way delta switch to combine Aerial and satellite signal in all 5 rooms of the house.

Install FM DAB combi aerial to provide Aerial for Master Amp in Lounge

Install IO link in lounge to enable the sky box to be hidden in a cupboard

Wire up music system for the entire house. 5 way speaker selector switch installed Continue reading “Case study. Mr Adam Scott Lower Station Rd Nr Lewes” »

The ultimate outdoor TV experience (part) 1

Since the dawn of the digital age, the outdoor TV as become the ultimate crowd pleaser, making it a must have for everybody from restaurants and businesses to theme parks and ultimately, the DIY enthusiast. And before you ask, yes, specialist outdoor televisions exist! Naturally, they are a superior breed compared to their indoor friends when it comes to safety and viewing experience. A Clearer Picture has comprised this handy guide of tips and pointers for outdoor display installation so whether you’re installing an outdoor TV for the first time, or are well acquainted with outdoor electronics, you can make sure you’re not missing a beat.

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