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Case study. Mr Adam Scott Lower Station Rd Nr Lewes

Main project points.

High Gain aerial mounted on Chimney.

Masthead Amplifier and 12 V Power Supply installed

New Satellite Dish with quad LNB

Install 12 way delta switch to combine Aerial and satellite signal in all 5 rooms of the house.

Install FM DAB combi aerial to provide Aerial for Master Amp in Lounge

Install IO link in lounge to enable the sky box to be hidden in a cupboard

Wire up music system for the entire house. 5 way speaker selector switch installed Continue reading “Case study. Mr Adam Scott Lower Station Rd Nr Lewes” »

LCD TV or LED TV? Making the right decision

It’s been the literal focus point of living rooms for decades, often the magnetic centre that families gravitate towards in the evenings or weekends… We’re, of course, talking about the humble household television.

However, manufacturers are gleefully aware of the importance the television holds over the typical family household, and as such the once humble television has now expanded into a huge, daunting range of ostentatious designs, cutting-edge technologies, stunning visuals, complicated equipment and rumbling sound systems. This is fantastic for the average consumer who adores having choice and variety in their purchases, but it also means that many potential customers are left in utter confusion about which model to buy, and which technology is the one for them.

One of the most common choices facing buyers looking to purchase a high quality television is the decision between an LCD TV and LED TV.  So we’re going to take a look at both of them and discuss what they mean for you and your wallet.


Many people spend time working out the merits and drawbacks of both types of televisions and rightfully so; with the high price of most modern televisions, it’s foolish to make the financial jump uninformed.

In comparison to LCD TVs, LED TVs offer reduced heat dissipation, thinner panels, amazing contrasts, great display and high levels of energy efficiency.  The main difference between the two types is the way in which light is emitted, for example, LEDs feature light-emitting diode technology. This allows them to be used in unconventional environments such as stages or outdoor billboards (where exterior light would usually make it difficult to see what’s on screen).

Whereas LCDs rely on cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs) to emit light – which can, over time, sometimes result in ‘burn in’ (basically a deterioration of the cathode tubes).

So which is better for you? TV experts note that LEDs are more popular today because of the light emitting technology and the benefits that it affords but if you are on the lookout for quality HDTV on a relatively tight budget, LCD TVs are still a perfectly viable option.

Factors that will help in the decision making process

When making your decision, you want to take a few things into consideration – namely the price of your television. Generally speaking LCD TVs might be the cheaper option, but then you must consider how long this purchase might last in comparison to a more expensive LED model.

Is the higher investment worth it in the long run?

You also want to keep in mind issues like screen size, power consumption, thickness, and reliability.

LED TVs tend to be very thin and use far less energy than LCD TVs.  They can also guarantee over 100,000 hours of crisp functionality, but they come with that higher cost mark-up.

An expert TV installer will be able to advise you on your purchase, and take into consideration your specific needs and expectations from your purchase; but now you can approach them armed with the knowledge of what differentiates an LCD TV from an LED TV.



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