Top Tips on Television Aerial Installation

television aerial on roof of a house
television aerial on roof of a house

Television Aerial Installation

Television aerial installation is a job that requires specialist knowledge and expertise. It involves installing television aerials and other related equipment to provide television reception. This article will cover the basics of television aerial installation, from what is involved to how it should be done correctly. By understanding the process behind television aerial installation, you can make sure your television is receiving the best possible signal for your area.


Where to Place Your Television Aerial

The first step in television aerial installation is to decide where you want to place your television aerial. It is important to consider factors such as the height and direction of the television aerial, as well as the location of other objects that may interfere with the signal. The television aerial should be placed as high as possible, preferably on the roof or top of a building, in order for it to receive the strongest signal.

However, not everyone has this luxury, and it is important to assess the environment around your television aerial. Try to avoid placing objects such as trees or other buildings in front of the antenna, as they can obstruct the signal and cause weak reception. Additionally, television aerials should be pointed away from any television towers in order to receive a stronger television signal.

If you are unsure of where you should or can place your aerial, contact our television aerial installation experts at 01273 950910. We can help you decide the best place to position your aerial and install it without bother.


Types of Television Aerial

When it comes to television aerial installation, there is a wide range of television aerials available. The type of television aerial you need depends on the location and signal strength in your area. Some common types of television aerials.

Analogue Television Aerials

Analogue television aerials receive television signals in analogue format and are the most basic type of television aerial. They are suitable for receiving television signals in areas with strong reception but may not be suitable for more rural or remote locations.

Digital Television Aerials

Digital television aerials receive television signals in digital format, providing better picture quality than analogue television aerials. These aerials can also be used to receive high-definition television signals, making them ideal for watching HD channels on your television.

Multi-Directional Television Aerials

Multi-directional television aerials receive television signals from multiple directions simultaneously, allowing you to access different services from different providers. However, these types of aerials are usually more expensive than other types of television aerials and require specialist installation.


Other Factors to Consider


Weather conditions can also affect television reception, as strong winds or heavy rain can interfere with the television signal. If you find that your television is not receiving a clear signal, try adjusting the television aerial and checking for any obstructions in the way. Additionally, television signals may weaken over time due to changes in technology or other external factors. If this happens, it may be necessary to upgrade your television aerial to a newer model.

Geographic Location

The television signals you can receive at your property will depend on the geographic location of your home. Different television providers offer different services and channels. So, it is important to check whether the television aerial is suitable for the area you live in. Also, if you live in a rural or remote location, you may need to install a television aerial with a higher gain in order to receive a strong signal as towers can be further away, with trees or hills obstructing the signal. Similarly, if you live in a city, you will need to consider the obstructions that buildings could cause. Our television aerial installation experts at A Clearer Picture will be able to guide you through these decisions.

Cost of Installation

The cost of television aerial installation will depend on the type and size of television aerial you need, as well as the location of your property. Generally speaking, television aerials are relatively inexpensive to install and can be done in a single day. However, it is important to check for any additional costs such as cable or equipment hire before signing a contract with an aerial installation company.


Television Aerial Installation with A Clearer Picture

At A Clearer Picture, we offer television aerial installation services in the South East of England. We can provide you with information on the best type of television aerial for your area and install it professionally, giving you a clearer television signal.

Our television aerial installation experts are highly trained and have years of experience in installing television aerials. We only use high-quality equipment. Furthermore, we will make sure that your television aerial is installed correctly to ensure that you get the best reception available.

When you schedule a television aerial installation appointment with us, our experts will come to your home or office and install the television aerial for you. We will also make sure that all cables are concealed, giving you a neat and tidy television installation.

In addition to television aerial installation, we also provide television aerial and satellite repair services. We do this in case there is any damage to your television signal. Our team of experts will discuss your options for location and the type of aerial to install. Furthermore, they can diagnose and fix any problems with your television signal quickly and efficiently.

To learn more, or to book an appointment with our television aerial installation experts, contact us today on 01273 950910 or tom@aclearerpicture.co.uk.

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