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Having problems with your Television set? Don’t shell out Hundreds of pounds replacing it A Clearer Picture has experienced engineers that can repair your existing set.

A Clearer Picture are specialists in Plasma and LCD Television repair.

We aim to provide you with an efficient and professional TV repair service at an affordable price and guaranteed. We carry a huge stock of spare parts to help keep repair costs down and try our best to make a repair viable

If your Television wont turn on, or your screen is not performing as it once was, don’t throw it away. We may be able to help with a quick and easy repair!

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TV Installation Brighton

3D TV is the latest craze for TV enthusiasts. From 40” to 65” TV’s we can help install them for you today. Call now for a free consultation to transform your living room or office to alow state of the art viewing.

We can repair all makes of TV – Including Plasma screen, LCD and LED TVs. 

Common faults include:-

  • No Power
  • Power but stuck in standby / clicking
  • TV turns off after a specified time
  • No backlights
  • Will not tune
  • Sound no picture
  • Picture no sound
  • Distorted colours
  • Lines / bars on screen
  • And many others!

Call now for TV repair in Brighton or head over to our contact page and request a quote.

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Please note: If the screen is physically damaged, there is a very small chance it can be repaired. Cost of replacement part and labour will usually amount to more than a new television will cost.

We collect and return the TVs to your door. Repairs usually take 5-7 days where no parts are needed or are in stock. Any TV repair that cannot be fixed we do not charge for pick up and return and may offer you payment for your TV as spares or repairs for ourselves.