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Looking to upgrade your Television set but don’t know where to start? Don’t bother with the stressful scramble of trying to do it yourself, A Clearer Picture has an expert team that will install your complete television system in no time.

A Clearer Picture always train their team to keep up to date with the latest technologies. Specialists in flat screen TVs, plasma screens, LCD, LED and even in the latest craze 3D TV craze, our team can help even the most major TV enthusiasts to transform their system with the latest releases.

Even if your dream screen is 40” or even 65”, nothing is too bigger installation task for us at A Clearer Picture. We accept any sort of mounting with tilting, swiveling bracketry you desire as a challenge!

We aim to provide you with an efficient and professional TV installation system at a price you can afford, and we don’t do half measures either! In using our TV installation service, we won’t just unpack your TV and be done with it. We’ll assemble any accessories you’ve purchased, connect your TV to your satellite or areal or any other devices you require. We are experienced in handling SKY TV, BluRay and Games Consoles. We’ll even tune all your channels, leaving you with a fully functioning television system. All that is required of you once we’ve finished is that you sit back and enjoy your new entertainment system!

A Clearer Picture also includes a mounting service in their TV installation package for those who require equipment to hang safely from a wall. We’ll also design your TV area to be as tidy as possible which means no unnecessary cables on show from us.

Based in Brighton, we provide excellent local services to hundreds of homes along the Sussex coast. Our engineers have all the tools and experience to ensure that they installation you receive from us is not less than perfect. Any external devices connected to your TV will be thoroughly tested before we leave you with your system.

Unlike the leading companies in system delivery and installation packages, our local expertise stretches beyond the realms of TV installation to everything from satellite and areal installation to TV repair. Therefore, you can be safe in knowing that we will come to your home equipped with the knowledge that will give you a cutting edge installation, guaranteed to function beautifully.

Though technology can be a wonderful joy, we know how time-consuming and often tricky TV installations can be even for those with plenty of technical know-how. So if you find yourself covered in a sea of cables which should be the next best thing in television technology and you don’t know what to next, we’re here to help! Give us a call and tell us what sort of system you’re looking to set up. We’ll be able to give you an accurate guide as and a free quote telling you what sort of installation you’ll require, and how much it will cost you.

Be safe in the knowledge that with A Clearer Picture on hand to help, your television set will be installed correctly and efficiently.