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Telephone Installation and Repair brighton

From updating and repairing existing telephone systems to installing new systems from scratch A Clearer Picture are here to help. A Clearer Picture have expert knowledge in the installation of Telephone systems and networks in your home or office. This can include just adding a couple of phone points to your existing system right up to wiring a 100 plus phone office network.

Having trouble getting dial tone or struggling to hear callers? Call one of our engineers today for a free diagnosis and quotation!!

Broadband Installation Brighton

Having problems with your wi-fi signal? Thick walls are usually to blame for a poor wi-fi signal. We can help in a number of ways:

-Installing a wi-fi extender enabling you to get full signal in every room of the house. By running an Ethernet cable from your main router to a centralized point in the building or a specific room you would like increased signal and connecting to a wi-fi extender.

-Using your existing electrical wiring to send the broadband signal via a powerline adaptor.  This utilises the electrical circuit that runs around your home to extend your broadband network, bringing network access to any room with a plug.

This is a particularly good way to connect your Smart TV to the net. Kits typically consist of two adapters, one which connects to your router and the other to any device via Ethernet bringing a wired connection. There are numerous versions that support different speeds and single or multiple devices, and some even include wi-fi hot-spots.