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Improve Mobile Phone Signal In Your Home Or Office With A Clearer Picture

A Clearer Picture now provides a valuable service to customers suffering from poor signal in or around their home or office. Through the use of a Mobile Signal Booster, you can get full signal in problematic areas or in places in your home or office that you were unable to receive or make calls before.

The device uses your internet connection to wirelessly improve your phone signal at home. By simply running Ethernet cabling from your router to the mobile signal boosters throughout your home or office we can guarantee you full signal wherever you would like it to be.

The devices do require mains power and will need to be plugged into a electrical wall socket

The device will vary depending on which Network you are with so please contact A Clearer Picture to make sure we can provide the right mobile signal booster for you.

If you are struggling to get signal in some parts of the house or office these devices are perfect for improving signal in those areas.