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Tips on working your Home Security Camera

Debunking the differences between Network IP and Analogue CCTV Cameras

Homeowners invest in CCTV systems for a number of reasons: crime prevention, or simply to monitor the premises during times of absence. However, for those intending to install a CCTV set-up of some kind, there are some factors you need to think about that can sometimes be a little tricky to get your head around Continue reading “Tips on working your Home Security Camera” »

5 Steps To The Best Home Entertainment System

Unless you can feel the rumble of a giant explosion vibrate through your couch, the sound of bullets flying past your head, or the heavy cheer of a football crowd as if you’re in the stadium yourself, you don’t have the perfect Home Entertainment System! In this decade there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from having that cinema experience in your own Living Room and here at A Clearer Picture, we’re going to help you get there in 5 easy steps.


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The ultimate outdoor TV experience (part) 1

Since the dawn of the digital age, the outdoor TV as become the ultimate crowd pleaser, making it a must have for everybody from restaurants and businesses to theme parks and ultimately, the DIY enthusiast. And before you ask, yes, specialist outdoor televisions exist! Naturally, they are a superior breed compared to their indoor friends when it comes to safety and viewing experience. A Clearer Picture has comprised this handy guide of tips and pointers for outdoor display installation so whether you’re installing an outdoor TV for the first time, or are well acquainted with outdoor electronics, you can make sure you’re not missing a beat.

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